Saturday, March 1, 2008

Totally Optional Prompt: A different voice

As poets, most of us develop our own characteristic voice that we feel comfortable using. Perhaps it resembles our normal speaking voice; perhaps not.

But have you ever considered deliberately trying to use a different voice? To not sound just like yourself?

The poems below will give you a look at a variety of different poetic voices. Consider how your poetic voice is like, or differs from, each of these. Think about how you might use a different kind of voice. Use these poets for inspiration.

Walt Whitman: A Paumanok Picture

Emily Dickinson: "My Wheel is in the dark"

Federico Garcia Lorca: Adam

Amiri Baraka: leroy

Come back Wednesday night/Thursday morning and leave us a link to a poem you've written for this prompt, or something else you've written, or anything at all poetic. Remember, it's
Totally Optional


Anonymous said...

Mine is really bad, but I intentionally made it bad for humor.

Hopefully you like it when you call for poems.