Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prompt: Triolet

So what exactly is a triolet? Here are the rules, according

The attraction of the triolet is that it's short: there are only eight lines total, and five unique lines. But the essence of the triolet is not only repetition, but surprise in repetition. The challenge is to make the repeat lines mean different things, instead of simply repeating them.

You can change the relationship of the words in the repeat lines to the lines before and after, by manipulating the punctuation. Also, as with other repetitive forms such as villanelles and sestinas, modern poetic conventions allow the repeat lines to vary a little. Of course, if you let them vary too much, you lose the impact.

Read some fine example triolets

and remember it's

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Anonymous said...

Do we have to wait to submit to the prompt. I'm looking for the neat widget. I'm finally on time for the prompt! Also, love this totally optional prompt blog. I often miss the opportunity to submit timely, but I do so much enjoy the wonderful submissions. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

LA Nickers said...

Here's my triolet. This was fun.


Here's mine. (It's part of a meme response. You can find it, if you scroll down a bit.)

SUPER-SEVEN MEME, at Nickers and Ink

CordieB said...

Thanks for the submittal. When I came back, it was done. A super thanks to you - whoever you are!

Peace, Light an Love,