Sunday, January 4, 2009

Totally Optional Prompt: Sestina, Quartina, Tritina

TOPers: sorry for the late prompt. I didn't have Internet connectivity at home yesterday.

For this week's
Totally Optional
prompt, we're exploring forms in which words are repeated at the ends of lines. Probably the best-known form of this kind is the sestina. Sestinas are a lot of work, though, so feel free to explore shorter options such as the quartina and tritina.

The trick to all of these forms-- as with all forms that involve repetition-- is to not just repeat the words, but to use them in a different way. If one of your words is a verb, you can use it in different tenses. Even better, many words can be used as nouns and as verbs, as verbs and as adverbs, and so forth. The more variety you can introduce in your use of words, the less repetitious the poem will seem.

For example, look at the different uses of rose/rise in the following quartina: Leaves of Glass. Check out the varying appearances of "may be", "spectacular" and "performed" in Ticker.

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