Saturday, February 28, 2009

Totally Optional Prompt: Chores

As I was cleaning the bathroom this morning, I was thinking about a prompt for this week. Several promising ideas popped into my head but I kept coming back to the fact that I hate housework and I'd much rather have been writing a poem right then instead of scrubbing the tub.

A couple years ago I bought a book of poems called Sweeping Beauty compiled by Pamela Gemin. You can read several of them here. I found out that I enjoy reading about chores a lot more than actually doing them!

So, this week let's write about some aspect of chores. Do you hate them like me or do you get a sense of satisfaction when they are completed? Don't forget about the outside chores, too, like mowing the grass and washing the car and shoveling snow if you live in an area where that is a necessity.

Come back Wednesday evening when Tiel will put the Mr. Linky up to leave a link to whatever you'd like to share this week.

And, now, I see my vacuum cleaner staring at me, so, it's back to work!


Unknown said...

Endless Chores

Do the dishes, wash my clothes
Clean the dog, scrub my toes
Clean my room, take a bath
Wash the car, and do my math
I even have to rake the yard
All this work is really hard
I wish, I wish, oh how I wish
That someone else was doing this

-Ellie Wilson

Not Fun

Swish goes the broom across the floor,
Bark goes the dog as we walk to the store,
Doing chores is such a bore.
Rattle go the windows as I wipe them down,
Tweet go the birds as I walk through town,
I do all this with a frown.
Why do I have to do all these tasks?
Did they even ask?
Would they recognize me if I wore a mask?
That’s it, I’m done,
I won’t do any more chores, not one.
This is not fun.

-Ellie Wilson

Do I have to?

Do I really have to?
All these things to do.
Why can’t someone else do it?
I’m ready to throw a fit.
What will happen if I don’t?
That’s it, I absolutely won’t!
What will happen in a day, or two?
There are mice in my shoe!
In three days?
All the dust is here to stay.
What about four?
There is pizza on the floor.
By day five, I’m feeling gross,
To bugs and critters, I’m a host.
I cannot take it anymore!
I wash the floor,
I dust the walls,
I even sweep in the halls.
I’m tired now, but I’m not done,
I’m actually having, a little fun.
I wash the dishes, I make the bed,
All the mice are finally dead.
The house is spotless, not a crumb.
Gosh, I was being really dumb.
Chores are boring, they are not fun,
But someone has to get them done.

-Ellie Wilson