Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Totally Optional Prompt is 'Moon Island'

Moon Island is out in Grays Harbor, it's been there for years, and migratory shorebirds have used it as a stopover between Alaska and Mexico. Back in the forties the channel was dredged and the dredge spoils filled in the area between the island and the industrial area, which means it's not exactly an island any more. The filled area became a runway and sewage farm, and the remaining mud flats are now a wildlife area. Shorebirds still use the mud flats, waterfowl use the sewage pond, and there are birds on the runway when winter high tides flood the marsh grass under a freezing fog. So take your pick, an island that isn't, changes that do or don't make a difference, birds adapting, or freezing fog on Moon Island.

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