Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Totally Optional Prompt is 'Poem to the Editor'

I checked editorials in some local newspapers, you might need to check your own, and their current issues are state school testing, freedom from religion, religious liberty, the subprime meltdown, and federal spending. The challenge is to write a letter to the editor. To get the letter published the title should make the subject clear, it should express an opinion, have a novel approach to the issue, and have a clever or humorous twist at the end. If it's any good I'm going to send mine in, with the blog URL of course.

Cultural Note: Newspapers around here commonly have a letters-to-the-editor section on the editorial page where readers can submit opinions.

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And a side note: I was stopped at a rail crossing watching the train go by and saw this stenciled on a rail car: 'Warning, this car may fall over'. I suppose some lawyer required the sign but it sure doesn't inspire confidence.

Remarks on the prompt, your latest poetry discovery, or this 'poetry exchange' blog can be made as comments to this posting. Late Wednesday night, between one rerun and another, I'll post a Request For Poems, where you can leave a link to your poem inspired by the prompt, or any other poem you want to share.


Anonymous said...

Funny that you should bring up the warning at the cross road. I find my mind still filled with that powerful image. Wonderful prompt.


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year.
My New Year poem on New Verse