Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Request for Poems: Anaphora

My school's Winter Vacation is this week and my granddaughter has come for a visit so not much poetry is being written. She's still sleeping this morning so I thought I'd take these few quiet moments to type this up ahead of time. I'll be taking her back later this afternoon so, hopefully, I'll have a chance to write something after I recuperate. She's three. 'Nough said!

How did you do this week? Please leave a link to anything you'd like to share.

I'll be putting up the prompt on Saturday night and then Tiel will take over for March

And, now, I hear the pitter patter of little feet. Time to play!


gautami tripathy said...

No linky thing?

Here is mine:

Bop it!

Linda Jacobs said...

Sorry! I goofed!

rads said...

Added mine in :)

rbarenblat said...

I haven't participated here in a while, but it's nice to be back. :-) As an FYI: I'm working on a series of Torah poems (each poem arising out of that week's Torah portion), and my response to this prompt is part of that series.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, et al,

I've gone totally optional this week, thanks for the opportunity. (in the linky.)

Meg said...

yay! poem. i think mine needs work though.