Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Totally Optional Prompt is 'First Giraffe'

The first giraffe In France arrived In Paris on June 30, 1827. Gosh, I wonder what that was like. And, I wonder what is like that.

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Remarks on the prompt, your latest poetry discovery, or this 'poetry exchange' blog can be made as comments to this posting. Late Wednesday night, between one rerun and another, I'll post a Request For Poems, where you can leave a link to your poem inspired by the prompt, or any other poem you want to share.


HL said...

FYI:TOP inspired poem in the June 2008 Advante Guarde Times an eclectic cosmopolitan poeartry quarterly EZine.

Andy Sewina said...

Thanks Mike, for this wonderful prompt. I really enjoyed finding out about The First Giraffe in France and can't wait to see what everybody has written.