Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Request for Poems: Firsts

Here it is another Thursday and it's time to post your "first" poems.

Did this bring back any memories? Did you find it hard to narrow your ideas down? (I did!) Was it hard to even find the time to write with holiday preparations?

Please leave a link to your poem whether it be a first or not.

Also, don't forget to visit Monday Poetry Train Revisited every Monday and leave a link to any type of poem. This is a great site to share a poem that doesn't fit any of the prompts out there. It's a no-stress place so check it out, please!


Anonymous said...

done !!!! n thanks to this prompt, i lived a beautiful moment again :)

Anonymous said...

Mine is first in the sense that I wrote a 45 lines poem. I usually write less than 20 lines!

And thanks Linda for promoting Monday Poetry Train Revisited. I do need the publicity.

Anonymous said...

I linked 'Women Ain't Normal' (Aug, 06), a work based on a brief conversation I had with a framer I know, and a work I'm rather pleased with. If it seems rather shallow consider the question: What is normal?

Anonymous said...

I'm late this week, but couldn't resist the prompt. Thanks, Linda!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is a stretch, but Caroline Kennedy wants Senator to be her first full-time job.